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Boilers Refurbishment & Overhaul

Boilers play a critical role in many industrial operations, providing heat and power for a wide range of processes.

At KnK Industrial Contractors, we offer a full range of refurbishment and overhaul services for boilers, to ensure that they are operating safely, efficiently, and at peak performance.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in boiler refurbishment and overhaul, and we use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our services include:

Inspection & assessment: Our team of technicians will inspect your boilers and assess their condition, identifying any issues that need to be addressed and making recommendations for repair or replacement.

Refurbishment: We can refurbish boilers of all sizes and types, including water-tube boilers, fire-tube boilers, and more. Our refurbishment services include everything from routine maintenance and cleaning to complete overhauls, and we use only the highest quality replacement parts and materials.

Upgrades & Modifications: If your boilers need to be upgraded or modified to meet changing requirements, our team of experts can help. We can install new controls, upgrade insulation, add new burners, and more, to ensure that your boilers are operating at peak performance.

Testing & Commissioning: After refurbishment or overhaul, we will test and commission your boilers to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently, and we will provide a full report on their condition and performance.

At KnK Industrial Contractors, we are committed to providing safe, reliable, and efficient boilers refurbishment and overhaul services for the industrial sector.